March 2015 – Women’s History Month

This Month, March 2015, is Women’s History Month.

I’m kicking this month off with a video from SOOMO PUBLISHING. The video is called “Women’s Sufferage”.

Were any of your great grandparents involved in the Sufferagettes?

Do you have any thoughts to share about the Women’s Movement?

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Cindy Williams

Artists Support Group

Back in December I decided to get in touch with some local artists to help support each other.

We have had a few meetings now, I’ve gone in separate directions to meet some artists. One direction not so far away, and another direction which is a bit farther. (We keep up via email and messaging and phoning each other).

Funny thing is this week I listened to a radio show about getting some art buddies together forming a group.

This will be in meeting in person, not a virtual or online meeting.

If anyone reading this is an artist and lives in or near the Worcestershire area in the UK, I would like to hear from you.

Just send a direct message to @cindy_williams on Twitter and we can have a chat about  the group.

Thanks very much.

Cindy Williams

Goodbye February!

Well, this month has fled.

It kicked off with the Superbowl. Then of course,Groundhog Day, Ash Wednesday, Chinese New Year, Mardi Gras, The list goes on.

I had another birthday (last week) PLUS Valentine’s Day has gone, I just can’t believe how fast this month has gone!

Now, it seems like every other TV commercial is for a holiday. And thank goodness, we booked one! YAY! Well, two actually, had to get in early :)

And we are starting to think about Spring and flowers and plants to plant.

Tomorrow I have something a little different planned for the month of March. Maybe not posting every day, but we will see how it goes, and it will be a bit different.

Hope you all have had a great month, come back tomorrow to see what’s in store for the month of March.

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Cindy Williams