My First Painting

This is a painting of an Arabian horse. It is done in pastels on heavyweight paper.

This was my very first painting. I wasnt sure what to paint, and I was really nervous.

I was so afraid to mess it up.

I attended workshops for two weeks, and kept having to ask my instructor what is my next move, what do I do next, etc? I had made up my mind about the third week, if I didnt understand it on my own, without having to ask my instructor everytime I wanted to add a different colour, I would quit the class.

Thank goodness, he was kind enough and patient enough to guide me and tell me what to use next, what I should look for in the painting, what details to look at , etc.

I have never looked back and always look for more and more challenging work. What fun is art without a challenge? It would be quite boring.

©2010 Cindy Williams