Today, I am priviledged to share the art and biography of my artist friend LYNNE HURD BRYANT. Lynne and I met on Facebook maybe about two years ago (or three ?) and I wanted to share her art with you. She is a lovely watercolour artist, and Im happy to feature her today on “MEET THE ARTIST” SUNDAY 🙂
Click here for Lynne’s page:  Lynn Hurd Bryant 
 This is Lynne’s art blog:  Lynne Hurd Bryant art blog    She has lots of her lovely paintings on this blog 🙂
This site has many of Lynne Hurd Bryant’s paintings. The name of the site is appropriate as well, as Lynne’s paintings are also “Paintings I Love”! 🙂  (Lynne’s art on “Paintings I love”)
On THIS site, you will have to find “Lynne Hurd Bryant” and click on the name. And it will take you to a page with her art, which has animals, flowers, and landscapes that Lynne has painted. You can buy cards on this site with Lynne’s art on it :)   http://www.senditintime.com/SIIT-Find-It.aspx
This page is all about Lynne Hurd Bryant’s Artwork. I said earlier that Lynne is a watercolour artist, but on this page you will also find some of her paintings in Acrylics and also Oils. This page contains Florals, Landscapes, Still Life Paintings, Portraits, Animals, some in watercolour, some in acrylics and oils. She does beautiful work.   Lynne Hurd Bryant’s website
Please check Lynne’s Facebook page out and become a fan, you will not be disappointed 🙂  Lynn Hurd Bryant’s Facebook fan page
This blog features Lynne Hurd Bryant and her work  Art of Day blog featured Lynne Hurd Bryant

Follow Lynne Hurd Bryant on Twitter

This is an interview with Lynne Hurd Bryant on iTunes. Lynne tells about her colors she uses in her art. And ALSO… we find out THANK GOODNESS her daughter talked her in to getting back to her art… Ok, to hear the rest, you will have to listen to the podcast :) 
    Lynne Hurd Bryant’s Interview on iTunes


Lynne is very kind to give me some tips on artwork, and I LISTEN, because she does have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree! Thank you so much Lynne for taking up painting again. Thank you for sharing your artwork online for us and for the public to see. We are so lucky to be able to have a peak of your art online. Thank you also for agreeing to let me share your websites and your artwork. Thank you Lynne for being my “guest” for “MEET THE ARTIST” SUNDAY! 🙂
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