Pete Shelley painting

12"x16" Pastel Painting ©Cindy Williams
Pete Shelley     ©Cindy Williams

 Our trip to London to see the “Back to Front”  Buzzcocks gig inspired me to paint a Pete Shelley painting for my hubby Kez. He has always loved the Buzzcocks from the beginning.

I had really never heard a lot about them before moving to the UK, but that didnt last long. This is the fourth time I have seen the Buzzcocks LIVE and I have to say, once they sorted out the sound, it was a really great gig!

I had a fab time singing to all the songs (the ones that I knew). I always have to stay in the back, because I cant be bothered to be mashed and “moshed” in the “mosh pit”. So I always stay a fair distance from the stage.

I remember we went to a gig at Warwick University near Coventry and I sat in the seats in the auditorium, whilst Kez went up close to the stage.

The next thing I knew, he had his hands on Steve Diggle’s guitar, playing the guitar BACKWARDS, whilst Steve just stood and let him! I couldnt believe it! The worst thing about it was that it was on the big screen TV so everybody could see! Yep, that’s my Kez! 🙂

I painted “Pete Shelley” with pastels. It is a 12″x16″ painting and the size when framed is 16″x20″.

I also paint COMMISSIONS! 🙂