Whirlwind Trip to London

So … my hubby is a huge fan of the band the Buzzcocks.

Two weeks ago we took a Whirlwind Trip to London, because the Buzzcocks were throwing a gig at the O2 Brixton Academy.  After working half day on Saturday May 26, 2012, I came home to an excited hubby who was overjoyed about the gig that night.

We left our home and arrived at the hotel on the outskirts of London (I will not drive into the city!).  After sorting our room, we took the Piccadilly line (it always makes me smile when the announcer on the train says the train will end at “Cockfosters”)… took the Piccadilly line all the way to Green Park, then changed to the Victoria line to go to Stockwell, which is not far from the Brixton Academy.

We went to the “Bee Hive” pub and met some of Kez’ (hubby) friends from the Secret Public site, which is a fanclub of the Buzzcocks.

Then the time came to go to the gig, and Man, were they LOUD!

Once they finally got the sound fixed to where you could understand what song they were performing, the gig was really great! I was able to sing along to my fave’s and Kez went down to the front, whilst I stayed safely toward the back! No way was I going to be a part of the moshpit.

Just the other day, Kez was going through YouTube to see if there were any videos posted from the gig. So, finally found a video, and to our surprise, you could see the back of Kez’ head in the video! It cracked us both up! So Funny!

Kez is standing directly in front of this cam and he is the one with a buzz hair cut, white hair, with a red t-shirt..

Im posting the video here… “Boredom” sung by Howard Devoto …

This is from the “Buzzcocks Back to Front” tour at O2 Brixton Academy in South London. WHAT A NIGHT!!! 🙂