A Productive Morning

All morning I have been sorting my papers for painting…I have cut some to 5×7″ and some to 6×6″…. I even had some left over so that will be 2 1/2″x 3 1/2″.

No messing around, all these pieces of watercolour paper means I have loads of work to do!

So my next step (when I can take the time) is to find subjects, objects, painting projects, for paintings!

Jericho SirenBut I do feel like I have accomplished some things, over the weekend I have sorted my little room where it is looking more like a studio…

I guess I have a little “art studio” and Kez has a “music studio” 🙂

By the way, here is a sample of some of Kez’ music….Also Known As…The music of Jericho Siren….

1984 by Jericho Siren

(Jericho Siren uses my artwork for his music)

©Cindy Williams