Pembroke Castle Thimble painting

I collect thimbles. When people come to our house they will see two small thimble holders, and by small, I mean they each hold 30 thimbles. And I have another thimble holder that holds about 50 thimbles. I guess you could say I am addicted to collecting thimbles. The rule is though, we have to physically visit a place before I buy a thimble, what I mean is, I dont go to say Stratford, and buy a London thimble if I have never been to London.

We went to Wales last year, Pembrokeshire to be precise.

©Cindy WilliamsThat place is one of our very favourite places in the world! Kez and I could quite happily live in Pembrokeshire, too bad things arent different, you know, it takes money, and all that.

Anyway here is my latest painting. 

It is titled “Pembroke Castle Thimble”.

This painting is a 6×6″ watercolour original painting.

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©Cindy Williams