My art "studio"

Well, I FINALLY am finished with my art “studio”. I FINALLY got it organized to how I want it. There are just a few things that I need to do, I would like to get a DAYLIGHT bulb and also set up a light box to photo my work. That will come later.

I had an idea to start a YouTube channel and later will be adding some videos of some of the art and just some video VLOGs …. anyway first things first…..

The FIRST thing I had to do, and very important, was get my art area in order. I had to get rid of lots of things that I was not using, and it left me some room for my art books, magazines, photos, and other things for ideas for my artwork.  I decided that I am going to get serious now about my art, I hated to have the pastels, watercolours, and the rest of my art tools just lying around whilst I am not doing anything with them. AND I didn’t realize all the stuff I had accumulated. SO I am going to get serious now about my artwork.

My Work Area:

©Cindy Williams Art , @cindy_williams, Cindy Williams
My Work Area

So this is where I paint. It needs re-decorated and a new flooring, but it does the job.

My Easel and storage drawers:

This easel was from THE WORKS… you know, the discounted books and art store. Now, I don’t necessarily use this easel to paint on, its really cheap and flemsy (not bashing The Works) but it works for what I use it for. I use it to put my work on , and stand back to see how the painting is looking, what it needs, I take a long-distance look at it.  And also, I use the easel for taking photos when I finish the painting.

©Cindy Williams Art, #cindywilliams , @cindy_williams
Easel and storage drawers
©Cindy Williams Art , #cindywilliamsart , @cindy_williams , Cindy Williams
Easel and Storage Drawers close up

 My Office

This is my “Office”. I have put all of my pens, books about time management, self-help to help my art, etc. It also has my Radio on it which is very important.

©Cindy Williams Art , #cindywilliams , @cindy_williams , Cindy Williams
My “Office”

So there is a little glimpse of where I work. Even though this isnt the best design and the greatest room, it is my little escape and I LOVE my little art studio :).

©Cindy Williams Art