Another Stage of my Church painting

©Cindy Williams

Just looking at this painting, looks like this was taken in the winter…. I havent added the grass yet, and the day I took these photos, the sun was so bright!

Imagine what the weather is like here when I say that it is the middle of July, (well, next week is the end of July!) and I am still wearing a coat because it is a cold rain, rain, rain, rain….sorry I got stuck!

I have never ever experienced weather like this, and I know everyone else around me is sick and tired of it. And people in America are having drought!

Anyway back to the story…. the day I took the photos for the inspiration of this painting, it was extra warm and sunny…. I think it was about June or something.

But was a lovely day, and this is a lovely church. I will reveal where it is at the end of this painting.

©Cindy Williams Art