WHITE RABBIT…….(A day late)

Good morning! Well, it is August 2nd! 

I DID get up yesterday morning, the 1st, and said my “White Rabbit White Rabbit White Rabbit!” … apparently in the UK it is superstition … or … whatever…. If you say “white rabbit” 3 times before talking to anyone, like, the first moment you awake, (You have to do this on the first day of the month), then it will be lucky and the month will be good.


So, I said this when I first woke up and the day didnt turn out too bad. And I was having problems with Google AdSense (which is another story and I will be posting about that later)… I wanted to monetise my YouTube videos and also my blog.

It was disapproved. But LAST NIGHT…. I tried again…. I went through all this junk last week of deleting another account and all that, and you know, I woke up this morning, and Google had approved my AdSense account!

I am “Over the Moon”! SO HAPPY ! YAY!

So I have to work on that the weekend.

I have been really busy lately, I even opened another Blog Talk Radio account …. I put the little widget for my show on the right hand side of this blog, and I will be starting a show up.

It will be about art and art shows, exhibitions, and artists in the UK. (that’s the plan anyway).

I will post that later when I get it going…………………………………………………..

Work In Progress  ©Cindy Williams

I have been getting up early and trying to paint before I go to work.

This is a quiet time and it is very worth the early hours, because later in the day I usually dont have a lot of time. So I have scheduled AT LEAST 2 hours in the morning, which means I have to start painting about 5am and then get ready for work, etc.

It’s no small feat either because I am NOT  a morning person!!!

This is as far as I have gotten with my newest painting. It is a woodpecker if you can’t tell.  It has taken me two mornings to get this far and it is only HALF of the painting.  I have to say, DRAWING IS ONE OF MY PET PEEVES! Sometimes I HATE to draw, but I know I have to do it! 

I would like to be one of those painters who can just look at the subject they want to paint and just start painting.  I feel like drawing is a waste of my time. BUT it is the foundation for ALL of my paintings, so I just have to get on with it.

This painting of a woodpecker is going to be a good size 10″x12″.  I like to make the paintings big, most ALL of my paintings are HUGE.  Like, 10×12 , 12×16″ and even 16×20″.

I LOVE to paint BIG! And also, it isn’t as hard to paint all the places where you normally would have a hard time painting if it was just a 5×7 or 6×6″.  BUT some of my little paintings have turned out great! Most of all though, I love painting BIG.

So my new news is…

  1. AdSense was approved so I will be getting some quality affiliate ads on soon
  2. I created a new BlogTalk Radio Show called “Cindys Art Show” (no content yet though)
  3. I have two YouTube videos and I have started a list for more, and started taking more photos for the videos.

My other goals are to PAINT more every day (more than 2 hours) and post to my blog at least 5 times a week (haven’t quite made that goal yet but still trying).

I will be posting tips on how to use AdSense and Google+, YouTube, etc…. so stay tuned!

Oh… and if you would like to comment on any of my posts, you can either use the Facebook comment box at the bottom of this post or you can post it directly to the blog on the comment at the bottom as well, it is the Blogger comment form. Thanks very much! And PLEASE click the LIKE button to spread the word about my blog 🙂 Thank you very much!
©Cindy Williams