Great Spotted Woodpecker

I hope I’m not posting too soon…surely as soon as I post, I will mess up the painting! (I hope that’s not the case THIS TIME!)

It has taken me loads of time to draw this little fella, but I have learned some things, I have learned LOADS! (All on my own, which I am quite pleased.)

Learning is the whole reason I am doing this anyway, to IMPROVE my drawing and artwork.

I hope you like the post this morning, as I have already fulfilled my 5am ritual (get up at 4, exercise, start painting at 5am). And I have to say, by 7pm I am exhausted! But I enjoy the time I have to paint and I sort of make an extra “half” day for myself, as I have to work 8 hours, I try to paint 4 hours if at all possible, so this entails having to get up extra early, do the things I need to do before 5 and paint a couple of hours, then get ready for work. 

It’s something I enjoy.

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Here is my progress so far on the Woodpecker.

©Cindy Williams
©Cindy Williams
©Cindy Williams

©Cindy Williams