Art Interview with Christine Skirrow

Art Interview Tuesday – CHRISTINE SKIRROW

Today I am posting an interview with local Redditch Artist, Christine Skirrow. Christine is a pastel artist. (ANM= Art News Magazine)

ANM:  Christine, where are you from?

Christine Skirrow:  I am from Kings Heath in Birmingham, UK

ANM:  What art training have you received?

Christine Skirrow:  I was encouraged by my art teacher Mr. Williams to paint, and I also went to night school.

ANM:  Who is your favorite artist?

Christine Skirrow:  David Shepherd and John Constable 

ANM:  What artist has had the most influence on your art ?

Christine Skirrow:  I like Monet, but mostly do my own thing.

ANM:  Did you work whilst doing your art training?

Christine Skirrow: Yes I worked whilst taking my art classes.

ANM:  What is your style?

Christine Skirrow:  I am mostly paint realism.

ANM:  How does your past work differ from your art now?

Christine Skirrow:  I have improved and refined my art from when I first started painting.

ANM:  Describe your studio or work area.

Christine Skirrow:  my studio is my living room or the garden.

ANM:  Do you paint every day?

Christine Skirrow:  No, I paint about once a week.

ANM:  How do you promote your art?

Christine Skirrow:  I promote my artwork online and at exhibitions.

ANM:  How many works of art do you average per year?

Christine Skirrow:  About 50 paintings per year.

ANM:  Does your art consist of mostly smaller or larger works?

Christine Skirrow:  I paint about 20″x16″

ANM:  What is your favorite subject to paint?

Christine Skirrow:  I don’t like to paint boats and houses, I paint mostly landscapes.

ANM:  If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything?

Christine Skirrow:  I would like to go to art college because I am mostly self taught.

ANM: What advice to you have for those interested in becoming an artist, such as getting started.

Christine Skirrow:  Experiment, and join an art society before you spend alot of money getting started.


Christine Skirrow is Programme Secretary of the Redditch Art Circle. She has been a member of the Redditch Art Circle since 1984.

She is also a committee member of the Lickey Hills Art Society

Christine facilitates different artists and is in charge of booking demonstrations from artists around the UK for the Redditch Art Circle

You can find Christine Skirrow’s art online at .

I would like to thank Christine Skirrow for allowing this interview. Please visit her online gallery, where her art is for sale at

©Cindy Williams

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