Morning Pages Day 20…

Day 20 of Morning Pages…

Finally getting through “stuff” I think, and a fee ideas coming through now.

Im still struggling with watercolor but I am really determined to do it this time. I have a load of instruction books telling me how to paint with watercolors. It’s difficult to keep my attention necause I always think of other things I want to try… hence, the MORNING PAGES exercises…

For those of you who are “pros” at the Morning Pages, would you be kind enough to leave a comment on how writing Morning Pages has helped you, any breakthroughs? What happened for you at day 20? (I would like to know what to expect now)…

My “breakthroughs” are just silly little ones, but I feel a bit better and feel my creativity ideas are starting to emerge.

I would appreciate any of my readers to write your experiences from writing Morning Pages and what results, i.e. artwork, has come from writing these. And did you overcome blocks? Please include a website to let us see your results after any breakthroughs from writing your morning pages.

Thank you for your participation πŸ™‚
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4 thoughts on “Morning Pages Day 20…

  1. I am not sure if I have any actual examples to show, but I have been a morning pages writer for about a year. In that time I have found that I don’t procrastinate like I used to, I don’t let myself complain about the same things over and over, and I have much more awareness of what I want so taking purposeful action has been much easier! I am a big proponent for the effectiveness of morning pages!!

    At about day 20, i would go back and re-read some of your earlier pages. do you see any surprises? any evelations about what is really happening with you? are you trying to tell yourself anything??? you just might be surprised at what you discover!!!

    Good luck, and keep up the good work!
    -Christina πŸ˜‰


  2. Thanks Christina. I threw my first two weeks away, I didnt know I was so angry ha!

    But now Im getting new ideas and writing them in morning pages. And oddly enough, my art is improving! How did that happen? So weird lol!

    Im still going…day 23 πŸ™‚


  3. Okay, I’ve been thru TAW process 5 separate times (although the other 4x, I wasn’t doing artist dates). But for this iteration, on Day 20, here are some of my MP thoughts:

    “Why am I so convinced that focusing on Other People is how I should spend my time & energy, even though Other People are usually boring, tedious, and not worth my time or energy? … Yes, yes, I need to stay connected to the world outside my own bodymind; need to stay connected to other people. But as a *focus*, why not . . . myself? It feels selfish and self-indulgent. But . . . no one else is going to concentrate on drawing me out & getting to know my complexities & quirks. […] When I’m *not* “selfish & self-indulgent” [iow, not focusing on me], instead I’m angry and resentful that Everyone Else gets all the attention, not me. How is *that* better? For anyone? … How can I grow and progress *spiritually* if I persist in treating my own selves like unwanted stepchildren? Where is *my* joy? My whimsy? My play? My silly? IT’S MY TURN.” (Fri 22 Feb 2013)
    So, none of that seems *directly* connected to making art, but now that I am actually focusing on (my) play, silly, whimsy, etc., I’m . . . making a lot more art. Enjoying myself more. Am rarely self-conscious (!) these days, and a lot less anxious.


  4. Thank you for your input. I threw some of mine away, the first 14 days, but I kept notes about the good stuff.

    I am getting more positive ideas now πŸ™‚


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