Morning Pages… Day 23…

I decided to add my progress on the Morning Pages.

I am trying my best to write the morning pages every day for 30 days. Maybe longer. But 30 days is my goal at the moment.

I have some other goals but that will wait for another post…

I have mentioned before that I am currently reading “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron.  In the book, she suggests writing 3 pages front and back (6 total) LONG HAND to help with your creativity.  Just anything that comes to mind…. write ANYTHING… even if it doesn’t make sense.

She says you won’t believe some of the stuff that is in your subconscious mind… and she hit the nail right on the head.  I found out issues that I thought I forgot about. I was very angry when I finished them every morning. I was mad and thought “why do I even do this?!”

But…. starting week 3… Hey! some ideas…. some really creative ideas emerged on the very pages that I hated!

All the self-help “gurus” tell us that if we do something for 21 days, we form a habit.  Well, it’s been 23 days now, and I am getting to where I get straight out of bed and go straight to my Morning Pages.

I am happy to start getting some little “gems” of ideas. They aren’t big ideas (yet) but who knows… maybe one morning I will have an idea from my Morning Pages to save the world 🙂

I don’t know what will happen in my Morning Pages tomorrow… stay tuned 🙂

CIAO for now

©Cindy Williams