The Artist’s Way

Saturday, March 30, 2013…. That was the last day of my personal 30-day challenge of writing morning pages every single morning. I finally made it! I didn’t think I would.

I didn’t think I would like “The Artist’s Way” (Written by Julia Cameron)

I read through it all the way.  NOW… The REAL challenge begins… DOING the exercises and tasks. I start my 12-week challenge tomorrow, April 1, 2013. By my calculations my last day of the challenge SHOULD be June 30, 2013.

I’m going to do my very best to do ALL of it. I have read on different people’s blogs that they have been through the 12-week program 5 or 6 times.  I think you could probably do the 12-week program about 4 times a year if you really wanted to. If you took a week off in between each 12-week cycle, you could do the challenge 4 times in a year.

Imagine how that would help you grow as an artist!

I don’t know if I will do it over and over, but I think I will still continue my morning pages. I didn’t this morning, because I am starting my challenge tomorrow, and I got myself organized for that today. Even though it’s Easter.

I feel at the moment I have a humongous block in my creativity. I started a pretty cool painting last week and can’t even find the energy to finish it. Or the interest to finish it.

So I start my challenge tomorrow. Are any of this blog’s readers up for The Artist’s Way twelve-week challenge?

I will be doing my weekly check-ins too, and you are welcome to post your experiences of your own 12-week personal challenge.

At the moment, I don’t even know if I will paint or create whilst going through this personal challenge. I am going to meditate whilst doing my challenge, just to help maybe get some “creative gems” ideas coming through the ether.

Feel free to join me and comment during this 12-week journey. I am going to keep a diary and blog my whole way through this experience. If you’re joining me, please let me know how you are doing in the challenge.

Cindy Williams


2 thoughts on “The Artist’s Way

  1. Cindy–I don’t doubt that you have already learned a lot just by reading the book. I think each week presents different obstacles. I really enjoyed the challenges so far and have gained interest and confidence in my art.

    Best advice? (And I think I said this before…and I suppose I am saying it more for me too because it is an important lesson) Just remember that your journey will be unique to you, and if it takes you longer or you have to move things around–go with it. You’ll be even better for it.


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