YouTube Tuesday – Video on How to Find a Facebook Post URL

YouTube Tuesday – Video on How to Find a Facebook Post URL

Hi Everyone,

I have changed my theme again, I don’t know if this one will work either, it is lots of trial and error.

I was working on Facebook and had an idea, I don’t know if this has been figured out (probably has as I am behind sometimes.).

Anyway, you can use your posts on your timeline and share them again. I have had to in the past tell someone to go to my Facebook Fan page and find the date that I posted something important. Anyway, its great now, because you can go to the post, RIGHT CLICK on the date, click to OPEN IN NEW TAB and it shows you THAT POST ONLY! It’s great! Now you can “promote” your important posts for FREE… over and over… because you can share the URL of the post on other Social Media sites and you can also share it on your blog. It’s great!

Well I hope I have been able to help someone with this problem. I made a really short video on how to do it.

Thanks for Reading!