Monday Musings- ACEO drawings by Cindy Williams

ACEO Original drawings by Cindy Williams

ACEO original Drawings by Cindy Williams

ACEO original drawings by Cindy Williams

Good Monday Evening everyone!

Today (and yesterday) I have been busy trying to get as many ACEO drawings and paintings as I can get done before the week starts. I need to fill my website with new content, and new paintings, so I am getting as much drawing and painting done as I can.

So far I have done 30 ACEO drawings. I would have done more, but looking through photos to get my inspiration can take a

lot of time. So maybe next time, I will find all the photos I want to use and THEN I will start painting. It’s all a learning curve.

So … Here is a sneak preview for you of upcoming art from me 🙂

Thanks for stopping by.