Trouble with WordPress

I am having loads of trouble with WordPress. Is anyone else?

I had one column and a side bar and now the sidebar shows at the bottom. I changed themes and now the whole thing is just messed up.

Can anyone suggest anything to help? Is WordPress having problems again?

Thank you,



4 thoughts on “Trouble with WordPress

  1. thanks, I had to delete a post 😦 but I went through and think i got it sorted, it looks like its working (for now) … I did use the “support” after you suggested it… thanks very much 🙂


  2. I am surprised – I have never had a problem like that here. I had a couple of small problems when I had tried the CSS upgrade, but that was due to lack of patience on my part. Do write in – I got answers in email very quickly. Hope everything is resolved soon. I want to see your pretty cards in my reader.


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