30 Paintings 30 Days – Preparing…

30/30 photos

30/30 photos
©Cindy Williams

Hi everybody!

The time is certainly flying by!

The 30/30 painting challenge is coming up so quickly!

The challenge is by Leslie Saeta. I think some of the parameters is the paintings have to be 12×12″ or larger.

Yikes! I thought I could do it, but that was when I thought I could do smaller paintings. NOW, I have to get prepared for these large paintings.




Preparing for Sept 2013 painting challenge ©Cindy Williams


Here is a photo of my preparations… this morning I took my big pad of Heavyweight paper and

halved 15 sheets into 30… Each of my paintings are going to be 14×11″. This pad is about 23″x16″.


As you can see, I have my 30 photos in the little folder waiting for the challenge. You didn’t think I would let you have a peak did you?  (well, maybe later).

Thanks for dropping by today!