Monday Musings – Valle Crucis Abbey Drawing ©Cindy Williams

Valle Crucis Abbey Drawing ©Cindy Williams

Valle Crucis Abbey Drawing ©Cindy Williams

Hi everyone!

Hey all you artists out there, what are you working on today?

This is my drawing of Valle Crucis Abbey… I would like to draw it again and paint it different ways, with pen, watercolor, or pastels, or just pencil.

Share your photos of your artwork today on this page, show us your work!

While youre doing that, dont forget to add where we can find your other art (your website, blog, Etsy, ebay, wherever you post or sell your art).

Please LIKE and SHARE this post so people can see your work and invite others to join in and share.

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OR …

You can go to my post on Friday…    I asked people to draw the photo that I posted, and send it to me so I could post your painting or drawing on my blog. When you do that, make sure you add the place where we can find or buy your painting.

Come on all you creative people, show us what you got! 🙂

Thank you, Im looking forward to seeing your artwork


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