30 Days/ 30 Paintings (September)… Sneak Peek???

Hi Everybody…

OMG! I just have to say, I’m getting a bit nervous about the September Challenge hosted by Leslie Saeta

I have to admit, when she announced on Artists Helping Artists radio show that she was going to host the challenge, but she set parameters that the paintings have to be 12×12″, I didn’t know if I was going to enter. I know she says you don’t have to do 30 paintings, but I like to meet my challenge and conquer it!

SO… I have been drawing so that I will be able to paint them all in September. I cannot do what a lot of artists do and just paint a painting and get it over with.


I am a realist painter, and because I learned to paint from photos, it is hard for me to paint without drawing something first. I am a stickler for details! If I don’t put the details in, it drives me crazy 🙂  So I have been busy drawing and getting ready for the challenge.

To keep your interest I decided to add a sneak peak of one of my drawings…

BUT… I’m not letting you in on the THEME, as I do have to keep some excitement going 🙂

Tintern Abbey drawing ©Cindy Williams

Tintern Abbey drawing
©Cindy Williams

I hope you like this little clue, that is pretty much all for now 🙂

And now if you will kindly excuse me, I have to do some research for some future blog posts 🙂

Thanks very much for visiting me!



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  1. Krikey! I didn’t know that Cindy. I don’t have time to listen to Leslie’s show. Did she say exactly 12 x 12 or can it be 12 x 12 or larger, meaning 12 x 16 and so on.


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