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Cindy Williams

A day in the life…. HMMMM … where do I start?

Firstly, as you who know me or follow my blog, I am Cindy Williams.

Mostly a self-taught artist, I am learning new things all the time.

I am happy to join in on the blog carnival titled “A DAY IN THE LIFE”.

My life is a bit mundane I guess… hairdresser by day, artist by night (and weekends), and early morning, late afternoon, early evening… basically when I have some extra time. BUT on the weekends, I really try to schedule time in my diary and not be disturbed.

To kick off this carnival… let’s add the other artists who are involved. Please visit these sites to help support these artists…: 

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I am going to be involved in a 30-painting 30-day challenge in September so please check my blog on September 1 to kick off the challenge (hosted by artist Leslie Saeta)

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Thank you to Marla Laubisch for inviting me to join in on this carnival.

Thank you readers very much for visiting me and I hope you take the time to visit the other artists that are involved in this blog carnival.



2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life…Blog Carnival

  1. I had no idea you’re a hairdresser! Now in hindsight it would have been interesting for everyone in the carnival to say whether they’re a full-time artist or have other jobs as well.

    That is a great picture of you.


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