September 30-Day Painting Challenge – Day 1

Hello Everyone!

For those who don’t know me, I am Cindy Williams. I am an artist (part-time). Mostly, I paint with pastels. Or I use pencils.

Well….. there is this painting challenge, you see.  I listen to Artists Helping Artists Blog Talk Radio Show, in which the host is Artist Leslie Saeta.

To keep up with my progress on this challenge, you can follow my blog, just click on the right hand sidebar where it says follow this blog and enter your email address.

Leslie has decided that she would host on her blog a 30-paintings in 30 days painting challenge. She has invited artists to join her. Every day for the whole month of September, she will allow artists to post their daily paintings on her blog.

You can either have a theme, or not have a theme.

So I did something crazy and decided to join in the challenge.  I don’t know my reasoning for this. I really would like to improve on my painting skills. I am mostly self-taught as far as pastels, but this is going to be a DOUBLE CHALLENGE for me.

Not only will I have to make sure to paint 30 paintings in 30 days, I have decided to paint in watercolor!  So I am putting my pastels aside, and I picked up the watercolors and all that goes with it.  I am very nervous about this challenge as I am mostly self-taught in watercolor (yes I did take some lessons, but I gave up because I couldn’t get it right).  So, I have had to just take the PLUNGE into WATER(colors) 🙂

So… 30 paintings in 30 days PLUS painting in watercolor which I am not confident… I hope I don’t mess up!

AND this is your opportunity to keep up with my progress, to see if I finish the challenge. If I don’t finish it, then you will be stuck (in the virtual world)  in Wales and never get out.  (lucky you) 🙂

 If you would kindly enter your email address in the sidebar where it says to follow my blog, you will get an email each time I post a new blog post, which will have my paintings on them. While you’re at it, you can subscribe to my newsletter if you would like, I promise I don’t share your info with anyone and I only post about once a month or every other month.

You are probably wondering what my THEME is. I am too…. Hmmm..

I can’t decide what to call it.

OK… here goes…. my theme is:


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE… WALES!!!  It’s one of my favorite places in the whole wide world. And I mean… the WHOLE country of Wales! I LOVE the North, Middle, South, East, and West of Wales.  We are lucky because it only takes us a little over an hour to drive and we are in the LAND OF SONG.

When I was thinking about a theme, I looked around the house, and I have LOADS of thimbles from Wales. Every time we go anywhere special, to visit a historic place, I get a little thimble to remind me of the wonderful time spent at that place.  So, I had an epiphany, which will be unveiled probably tomorrow.

But for today, on our first day of our 30-day JOURNEY…. Please pack your bags, hop in my car, and we will drive through the wonderful magical celtic land of:

 CYMRU… Welsh for “Wales”

Are you ready? Let’s go!!! Please fasten your seatbelt first.

First of all, we are leaving from the West Midlands, Worcestershire to be exact.

So we have come all this way to Bristol, UK , after stopping for some bathroom breaks and some cappuccino at the Welcome Break at MichaelWood services on the M5 Motorway… we always stop there for a nice cuppa and stretch our legs…

and we are getting ready to cross the Bristol Channel, leaving England, entering into Wales.   (Hey, you might even learn some Welsh along the way) 🙂

My painting for today is :



Original Watercolor Painting

©Cindy Williams

Severn Bridge

Severn Bridge
Original Watercolor Painting
©Cindy Williams


You can check out some information about it here:

Come back tomorrow because our first stop is a wonderful and peaceful place!

Thanks for visiting!


Oh Yeah, I almost forgot… this is a toll bridge so could you please pay half?…


8 thoughts on “September 30-Day Painting Challenge – Day 1

  1. Hi Cindy! I found you through Leslie post! Congratulation for joining the challenge. I think it is going to do us good! It will be fun and we can share our experiences and progress.
    Best wishes,


  2. Hi Pat, thank you for your comment, I am changing from pastels to watercolor, so it is a DOUBLE CHALLENGE for me! AAAAKKKKK! 🙂 Im looking forward to all yours and the other artists’ posts and beautiful paintings 🙂


  3. Great start…I’d like to tell you not to be nervous, but that never works for me. One thing I know is that by painting straight for 30 Days ,they’ll see improvement. I did the challenge in January and really enjoyed it. Just have a great time. Lou


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