September 30 day painting challenge – Day 2

Hi Everyone!
Did you have a good sleep after the long drive yesterday?

Today is our FIRST STOP in the 30 day tour of Wales.

We are Visiting…    

Abaty Tyndyrn… ( WELSH for “Tintern Abbey”)

Actually, the painting is of one of my thimbles that I purchased when we visited Tintern Abbey (years ago).

This is a 14″x11″ watercolor painting of the Tintern Abbey Thimble.

I had to have a “photo shoot” of my thimbles so I could get a bigger version of them to paint,

as my thimble was way too small to paint from.

Tintern Abbey Thimble painting ©Cindy Williams

Tintern Abbey Thimble painting
Original Watercolor Painting
©Cindy Williams

Here is an example of how little the thimble is compared to how big the painting is…

Tintern Abbey painting 2 ©Cindy Williams

Tintern Abbey painting 2
©Cindy Williams

Here is the photo I had to paint from:

Tintern Abbey (thimble) photo ©Cindy Williams

Tintern Abbey (thimble) photo
©Cindy Williams

OK, so if you are wondering about the words on the thimble… NO, I didnt paint them … they are too hard to do in the short amount of time (one painting per day) and especially on a 14×11″ painting.

Also, this is a watercolor, which I am not used to painting. I am a pastel painter mostly.

But I wanted to change, and I jumped in the deep end and decided to do a “DOUBLE CHALLENGE”… WATERCOLOR AND 30 paintings


Tomorrow a bit more…

Until tomorrow…. thanks for dropping by.



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  1. Thank you everyone who visits and likes my blog I appreciate all my readers! THANK YOU and I hope you enjoy this virtual journey through Wales. 🙂 I appreciate you ALL!


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