September 30 Day Painting Challenge – Day 4

Hi Everyone!
Did you have a nice rest? Isn’t Tintern Abbey beautiful? You can just imagine the monks scurrying around doing chores, doing their readings, praying, in the beautiful and peaceful Welsh setting. It is one of my favorite places!

Are you ready for more travel?
Today we head a bit south to:

Castell Coch.. meaning “Red Castle”.

It’s a beautiful place that is a “folly” now but started off as a fortress way back in history. It’s located in the woods on Caerphilly Mountain, Wales.

Castell Coch is not that far from Cardiff.

Castell Coch ©Cindy Williams

Castell Coch Thimble Painting
Original Watercolor painting
©Cindy Williams

This painting is another 14×11″  watercolor painting.

I am starting to enjoy these huge paintings, I hope I don’t mess one up

because I am still not really used to watercolor… hmmm…

I guess you have 26 more days to see if I make it or not. 🙂

See you tomorrow for a tour of Castell Coch.

Thanks for Dropping by,