September 30 Day Painting Challenge – Day 13

Hi Everyone!….


Welcome to the City of St. Davids.  

Croeso i Dyddewi.

Actually, you would not believe St. Davids is a city at all. It is a really small town. I remember reading it had a population of 1,797.  Yes… a small town, I know villages bigger than that. BUT apparently, cathedrals made a city. And because St. Davids has a cathedral, it was considered a city. YOU CAN READ MORE ABOUT THAT HERE.

My hubby and I LOVE St. Davids! We came here a few years ago to camp at CAERFAI BAY CARAVAN AND TENT PARK.   In the morning when you wake up, and open the zipper of the tent, this is the view! Now do you know why we love to visit St Davids? Sometimes you look out and you cant tell where the sky ends and the sea begins, because certain times of the day, they look the same color.

You can learn about St Davids Cathedral Here:


For my painting today, I attempted paint the St. David stained glass window in St. Davids cathedral.

St David Stained Glass

St. David Stained Glass
Watercolor painting
©Cindy Williams

I MAY use my painting as a study for a larger one, it was fun to do!

I just can’t believe that I am still using watercolors … what’s SHOCKING is they are turning out OK 🙂  (hopefully the rest will turn out OK)

This is a photo of the window in St Davids cathedral:

St.David's Cathedral - Thomas Becket-Kapelle 3 Fenster St.David

Tomorrow, we head into the Preseli Mountains.

Thank you for visiting, see you tomorrow for a bit of mountain climbing 🙂



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  1. Thanks very much! It’s true, they DO have loads of artists and galleries there. But if you could see the place in person you would know why artists flock to that area to paint. Everywhere is beautiful 🙂


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