September 30 Day Painting Challenge – Day 17

Hi Everyone!

We are on Day 17 of the 30 paintings in 30 days and FRANKLY… I AM SHOCKED AND AMAZED that I made it THIS FAR! I’m not kidding!

If you haven’t followed me from the beginning, I am normally a pastel artist, but I decided to do this challenge completely in Watercolor (oh and I painted a painting with acrylic too).  So, it has been an interesting AND FUN experience!

Harlech Castle ©Cindy Williams

Harlech Castle
Watercolor Painting
©Cindy Williams

This was a fun little painting. It is a painting of Harlech Castle and I painted it with Watercolor. Its a 5×7″

When you get up the hill and look round Harlech Castle, the view is breathtaking. You can see out to see and miles inland.

Harlech castle was one of Edward I fortresses. To read a bit about Harlech, click here.

Here are some great images of Harlech Castle.

Tomorrow, we are heading farther North up the West coast of Wales. Now we have come to Snowdonia…

Thank you for visiting, See you tomorrow!



5 thoughts on “September 30 Day Painting Challenge – Day 17

  1. I am still in awe that places like this exist. It is quite foreign here in America where nothing with this kind of age and history is around. I have really enjoyed the travelogue to places I’m unlikely to ever visit. Your little watercolors are exquisite. It’s hard to believe this isn’t your normal medium. I too am so glad I have made it this far in the challenge. Only 14 more to go!


  2. Hi Pam. I know what you mean, Im from Oklahoma lol! And we certainly dont have this sort of thing in America! Funny I decided on our anniversary this week to go back and visit some of these places. We are in Caernarfon today. Its raining of course. I wish we really could take a 30 day tour of Wales! 🙂 we only get three days this time


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