September 30 Day Painting Challenge – Day 28

Hi Everyone!
Day 28 of the 30-day painting challenge… Woo! 😀

I decided to do today’s painting in Acrylic. Well, I took the plunge in Watercolor and now mixing it up with Acrylic! And it all started with pastels… haha… I don’t know if I will go back to pastels after this challenge. I will have to see, I may, because I am confident with pastels. I do my portraits with pastels. But I have had a lot of fun using other mediums.

Today We are visiting St. Winefred’s Well.

St. Winefred’s Well
Acrylic Painting
©Cindy Williams

St. Winefred's Well ©Cindy Williams

St. Winefred’s Well
Acrylic painting
©Cindy Williams

St. Winefred’s Well is located at HOLYWELL in North Wales. We stayed about 5 miles away. This is the reason that I wanted to visit North Wales, was St. Winefred’s Well.

It is a place of Pilgrimage. Even Richard I in 1189 came to the well! In the visitor centre, they have an exhibition and there are loads of crutches that people have left behind after visiting the well.

People come here for healing. The admission price is only 80p (about $1.30 U.S.)

They have a little pump on the wall at the pool area and you can fill a container with holy water. I saw a man who couldn’t walk without a cane and he went over and was drinking holy water. It is a lovely place and a very sad place. There are people who just visit as a tourist and people who really need healing and visit hoping and having faith that the water will heal them. Sometimes I felt in awe and sometimes I felt very sad.

It’s a very peaceful place and if I needed healing, I would probably make the trek too, it is a very spiritual place.

After this challenge is over, I am going to go back over all my material and maybe make my own challenge, and go deeper into my subject. I have loads of photos to work from when we went to Wales and I hope to paint some of my journeys.

Here is a video about St. Winefred’s Well:

Some sites to check out:

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2 thoughts on “September 30 Day Painting Challenge – Day 28

  1. St Winifreds Well in Holywell is great – I have visited a few times and have some holy water taken from the well . There’s a lovely cafe gallery there as well where I exhibited my very first piece of artwork!


  2. I wish we would have had more time Sharon, because we weren’t in Wales long, we only were there this month from Sept 16-19 and we had to get a lot done in a short time. I still didnt see everything I wanted to see. But St Winefred’s Well, Bodnant Garden, and Fairy Glen were at the top of my list and I wanted to re-visit Llanberis if we had time, and we were lucky to do so. I wish I had known about the cafe gallery there.


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