September 30 Day Painting Challenge – Day 30

Hi everyone!

Congratulations and WOOOOHOOOO!!!!

DAY 30! We made it!

Firstly, THANK YOU for sticking with me for 30 days! You are such encouragement to me. I appreciate EACH one of you THANK YOU!!!.

We are going home today. Our LAST STOP is Llangollen, Wales.

Here is today’s painting:





LLANGOLLEN ©Cindy Williams

CLICK HERE for a look at all to do in and around LLANGOLLEN.

Llangollen hosts the EISTEDDFOD.


We only have just about 6 miles to go and we cross over the River Ceiriog and we are back in England.

I hope you have enjoyed this tour of Wales.  It has been such a big challenge!

I started out using Watercolors, which I am not confident, but I think the paintings turned out ok.

I ended up using ACRYLICS which I had no idea that THAT would happen, AND, I know absolutely NOTHING about them! But I think the paintings turned out ok too.

All in all, It was a great challenge and certainly took me out of my comfort zone!

To leave you with some gifts for following my 30 day journey, I am giving you some free stuff…

Here is a digital magazine of my 30 Paintings/30Days challenge.

Here is a video that I put together from my 30Paintings/30days Challenge.

Thank you so very much,

I really appreciate all my followers. This has opened up some new ideas and I will add those later.

Thank you and HUGS!



7 thoughts on “September 30 Day Painting Challenge – Day 30

  1. Thank you Karin, it was a rush to get it done, I am SO HAPPY this is over, but will kinda miss all the people …. I will have to keep visiting everybody 🙂


  2. Thank you Pam! Thanks for all your support, and as for my “warm comments” I really do mean it, I love your art, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Your art all looks like they can be made into quilt blocks… I would take your 30 paintings and make them all in a quilt 🙂


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