Hi Everyone!

It’s October 1, 2013! A new day, a new month. Time to make CHANGES.

Last month was the 30 paintings 30 days challenge, and I am happy to have it over with! It was fun but I had to worry about getting the painting finished so I could post it.

I framed one of my 30/30 paintings last night and here is the result:

Framed Caernarfon Castle ©Cindy Williams

Framed Caernarfon Castle ©Cindy Williams


CHANGES… I am in the process of changing my body, this fat has GOT TO GO. I am working out with Emma “Landy” Land and I have to tell you these classes are NOT for wimps! Emma is such an inspiration 🙂

I am changing my BLOG. I am a treasure hunter, I am looking for artists who are not able to get out there and be seen, I want to SHARE their art with others, so that is another change this month.

I am making a BIG CHANGE in my life and will hopefully post later this week about it.

And of course there are the Autumn season changes… I love Autumn, its my favorite season, the leaves are changing on the trees, the nip in the air.

Please EMAIL ME  if you want to be featured on my blog, who knows, I may find you first 🙂

Thank you and have a great day!




  1. You framed my favorite of the month. Still trying to catch up with my reader. I made a trip to NYC over the weekend, and now I am in New Jersey helping a friend with a project.I surely will be tuning into your blog for updates on your get fit plan. And of course I want to know about the big CHANGE coming up.


  2. Haha! Thank you so much Im glad you are keeping up w my news haha! I hope you have a lovely time in New York and New Jersey. Haha! Thanks for your lovely comment 🙂


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