It’s Friday Again!

Hi Everyone!

It’s Friday again, what do you have planned this weekend?

Firstly, thank you all for your kind comments on yesterday’s post.

Here is a painting from my book:

Light As a Feather
Pastel Painting
©Cindy Williams


Last night I went to a meeting. I am a member of Droitwich Arts Network .   I don’t live in that town but it’s a lovely town and lovely people and I was happy they accepted me in their network.

There are some events for Christmas coming up and also opportunities for artists and I will go over my notes this weekend and hopefully get booked in and then I will post and let you know.  I am also having a solo art show in Park’s Cafe in Droitwich, Worcestershire in November. I can’t wait 🙂 .More on that later.

Park’s Cafe Droitwich




Click here for my last exhibition at Park’s

Thank you for visiting and I hope you have a great day!





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