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Today I am starting my articles featuring artists. I decided to call it “From the Artland”… actually my husband came up with the name so thank you dear! 🙂  I hope to have these interviews every Sunday.

Today we are featuring Artist Sea Dean. I met her online, and she has some great ideas to help artists, as well as being a great artist. She started the Facebook Group “Get Your Art Out There”.

An interview with artist Sea Dean:

1. Please tell us, where are you from?

Sea Dean:  I was born at home in a small village in the UK.

Endings and Beginnings ©Sea Dean

Endings and Beginnings ©Sea Dean

2. When did you decide to become an artist?
Sea Dean:  I remember the first time I watched my mother draw. We were sitting at the dining room table in the house I was born in. I was about 3 or 4 years old. My mother would not consider herself an artist but for some reason she drew a sketch of a person and I watched it come alive in front of me. I was awestruck and right then and there decided I wanted to be able to do that.

3. Art you self-taught?
Sea Dean:  Art was one of my favourite subjects at school and I won class prizes for my work. Several times the art teacher chose something of mine to hang in the hallway. It was not a school which had many places to do that so it was an extreme honour. Naturally I went on to Art school, but I majored in photography, graphic design and metalwork, so I suppose I have no formal painting education.


This was the first in a 30painting/30day challenge
September 2013

4. What inspires you?
Sea Dean:  I am inspired by colour, light and the natural world.

5. What’s your favorite medium?

Sea Dean: I don’t really have a favourite painting medium. I currently paint and instruct classes in acrylic, but I’m familiar with most mediums, both two and three dimensional.


This was Sea Dean’s last painting of the 30 paintings/30 days challenge
September 2013

You can see all of her paintings in the 30 day challenge, between September 1 and September 30, 2013.

6. Who is your favorite artist?
Sea Dean:  How do you choose a favourite artist from the thousands of contemporary and historical masters? I have a longtime love of Franz Marc whose work is as fresh and modern today as when he painted it over a century ago. Apart from that my favourite is always the one who is the most famous for the type of painting I’m studying at the time.

7. Do you take art workshops? What medium would you like to try?

Sea Dean:  My greatest love is three dimensional Art. I would like to experiment more in that field.

Little Finch ©Sea Dean

Little Finch ©Sea Dean

8. Where can we find your artwork?

Sea Dean:  My paintings are on exhibit at
Daily Paintworks
Sea Dean’s Paint a Masterpiece on Facebook
Get Your Art Out There
I intend setting up a studio where I will exhibit my larger works and hold workshops but currently they can be seen at various exhibitions which I promote mainly on Facebook
I am also looking into setting up a shop on Etsy or Ebay to promote prints, giclee, art cards, calendars, books etc.
I have a limited presence on other online websites

9. What was the first thing you drew or painted?
Sea Dean:  I can’t remember the first thing I created, but the first thing I sold was when I was about 16. It was a very large Oil painting of a WWI soldier silhouetted against a yellow and orange explosion as he went over the top of the trench into enemy fire. It was my first oil painting and the first with a palette knife. I wish I had a photo of it but I suppose no-one thought to take one. Another early sale was a 3D depiction of Lawrence of Arabia on a camel in full bedouin dress. It was a tough decision to sell. I also regret not having a photo of that work. One day I intend tracking them down and possibly buy them back.

10. What advice do you have for other artists or people who want to get started selling their work?

11. What really big thing has happened in your artistic journey?

Sea Dean:  These questions are so hard. The biggest thing is always my most recent success. Each time I’m selected for a juried exhibition, each time someone praises a particular aspect of my work, each time my work is chosen to be featured by a magazine, a website etc. and of course each time I sell a painting which is the ultimate reward.

What is my greatest joy in my Artistic career? Passing on my knowledge through classes and seeing the light in a students eye and the smile on their face when they achieve something they never thought was possible. 


Cindy’s remarks:

Sea Dean is prolific in painting smaller works. She also gives tips to help artists market their work.

She is supportive, and tries to help others get their art out there for the public to see.

She has auctions on   One of my favorites from Sea Dean is this painting… Called “Destiny Waiting”…–12043-destiny-waiting/78742

She enters online challenges and contests as well.

She is a caring person, helping others and an asset to the art community.

Thank you Sea Dean for allowing us to have a look at your art and for a great interview! 🙂


 If you are an artist and would like to be interviewed to give your art exposure and “get your art out there”, please go to this page and email me your answers. The email address is on the page.  

I hope to keep these interviews up, PLEASE if you are an artist, I would love to hear from you and include you in an interview, sharing your art with others. Please click on the above link and email me your answers. I will include your artwork as well.

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