A Watercolor practice in Lavender fields

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are all well on this Monday 🙂 (Tuesday for some).

Today, Kez (hubby) and I went out (in the rain) and I had to go for an appointment, and he, bless him, had to do the food shopping.

This way we got two things done at once. Funnily enough, when I got to the grocery store, he was just coming out of it and he didnt have to wait on me, so I was glad. It seems when one of us do the shopping, we seem to get it done quicker. Hmm… I may have to try this more often 🙂

With all of the bad news in the world, I have immersed myself in painting just to try to get away. I tried a little different approach to painting tonight.

I LOVE our “local” lavender fields.  The closest to us is “SNOWSHILL LAVENDER” OR “COTSWOLD LAVENDER”.

Here are some photos of the Cotswold Lavender fields

I used watercolor but not completely following the photograph that I had, and it was much more fun to loosen up.

Here is the painting:

Up Close and Purple



©Cindy Williams

Lavender Practice ©Cindy Williams

Lavender Practice
©Cindy Williams


Not sure really if I like it or not…. hmmm…, It was mostly a practice.

Of course, this is a watercolor,  I want to be more confident in the medium, so I keep on trying 🙂

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