Holding a Town Lot


Hi Everyone,


I decided to do a bit different painting (again).


My latest painting is:


Holding a Town Lot


Watercolor Painting
©Cindy Williams




Holding a Town Lot Painting ©Cindy Williams

Holding a Town Lot
Watercolor Painting
©Cindy Williams



So, this guy is sitting on his homestead, or lot holding, made a claim after the Oklahoma Cherokee Strip Landrun, and he looks pretty smug and happy that he has claimed this bit of land for himself 🙂


My exhibition is November 1, 2013 to December 6, 2013. I will have various paintings, so at the moment, not really a theme. But if I can do more of these retro paintings before the exhibition, I will start adding them and have a theme. Of course, here where I live, they have nothing like that, so I think it would be an interesting exhibition if I did that theme. At least it would give something for people to talk about. 🙂


Growing up in Oklahoma, every year we had to get ready for the Cherokee Strip celebration. (I used to play in the marching band and we had to get ready for the parade, because they judged us against other high school bands).  



Our town’s celebrations were September 16, because the landrun for that area was September 16, 1893.


So every year, we have a big celebration, with a fair, carnival, and parade. It usually attracts loads of visitors from all over, and also people hold class reunions at that time, because a lot of people go back to visit their families.


I hope this one turns out ok, I have a frame I want to use, but I have to repair it a bit. But hopefully I will be able to put this one in the exhibition. I dont know yet if I like it, I may have to paint another one. But I enjoyed it, so it shouldn’t matter that much.


Thank you very much for visiting, I appreciate you all!




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  1. Cindy, I had no idea you were from Oklahoma. What town did you live in? When did you move to the UK? At least I think that is where you live???

    I live in OK and I thought it so strange that you would pick this subject to paint. Now I know some of the rest of the story. Tell me more, please. 🙂


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