I Miss Halloween

Hi everyone!

Ahhhh HALLOWEEN! Well, it used to be my favorite holiday.

I told you the other day I grew up in Oklahoma. (I think it was in the “comment” section).

As a child, I was never allowed to participate in celebrating Halloween, or go Trick-or-Treating. But as I got older and thankfully a bit more rebellious, basically in my teen years, I decided to start celebrating.

I got my own car at 17 and drove down to Oklahoma City with my best friend. We used to go to the local OKLAHOMA CITY radio station THE KATT Haunted Warehouse. Now, I believe, it is the BRICKTOWN HAUNTED WAREHOUSE.

And if you have never been to one, I gotta warn you, you will pee your pants! There is one thing OKIES do well and that is celebrate Halloween, sometimes with class, sometimes not so much… well, a lot of times not so much haha! As many Halloween Parties as I have hosted back in the day, I have to say they have NEVER been classy hahaha!

In the UK, people try to do the Halloween parties, but it is nothing like I am used to. However, I went to a party a couple years ago, I won’t say a lot about it, but it scared me pretty bad! (let’s just say, the “supernatural” made its presence known!!!) :-/

I am pretty sure that Halloween is my adult kids’ favorite holiday too. When they were small, I made sure we had a great time, I would always dress up as a witch and would go door to door with them trick or treating. And as they got a bit older, I still dressed in my witch costume and we would dress up the big front porch all “Halloween” and little kids from the neighborhood would come round. They couldn’t understand how this witch knew their names haha.

And now, here, it is pretty flat. It’s big in Irelend though. So, just being across the water, a short crossing, you would think that it would carry on over here, but sadly, NO.

I hope you all have a HAPPY and SAFE HALLOWEEN.

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Happy Halloween! ©interactive360

Happy Halloween! ©interactive360


3 thoughts on “I Miss Halloween

  1. I do love Halloween and am sorry when it is over. I especially like the decorations–though I’m not into gruesome stuff–just cute jack o lanterns and witches. And of course there is the candy. It’s rainy here today, so I wonder if we will get many trick or treaters. If not, I’ll have a lot of candy to keep me happy the next few days! (Sew little–Snickers–sew a little–Reeses’ Peanut Butter cup–sew some more–York Peppermint Patty-…… You get the idea. And to think people complain about eating too much on Thanksgiving!


  2. Rain does sort of put a damper on HALLOWEEN. I love it when the moon is full and its all quiet and eerie outside haha. I can’t even celebrate Thanksgiving! Well, I guess I could, but it doesnt mean anything to anybody except me. I miss the Thanksgiving Day parade 😦


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