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Today’s featured artist is :

Jenn Cunningham

1. Please tell us, where are you from?

I am living in Bailey Colorado , which is a tiny town high up in the rocky mountains.

2. When did you decide to become an artist?

Pretty sure I was born paint brushes in hand. I can not ever even think if a time I wasn’t creating.

3. Are you self-taught?

For the most part yes- I do have a degree in Graphic Design….I don’t much LIKE graphic Design.  I am a fine artist with a weird degree.  As for painting and actual artwork that is all self taught.  I actually failed most art classes in high school!

My Great Dane Gustav ©Jenn Cunningham

My Great Dane Gustav ©Jenn Cunningham

4. What inspires you?

NATURE. I just love things in their WILD state.

5. What’s your favorite medium?

I am enamored with Acrylic at this time…I want to learn Oil painting but I have a naughty cat that I just KNOW would be sleeping on my drying artwork and it would just be a nightmare.

Red Tail Visit ©Jenn Cunningham

Red Tail Visit ©Jenn Cunningham

6. Who is your favorite artist?

OHHH good one! I LOVE Georgia O’keefe. She is very much a influence on me.

7. Do you take art workshops?

What medium would you like to try? I have never done a workshop- BUT I do really want to learn to silkscreen!! OR even Batik!

Thunderheads ©Jenn Cunningham

Thunderheads ©Jenn Cunningham

8. Where can we find your artwork?

My art can be seen here

and here

9. What was the first thing you drew or painted?

I have always been insane about horses- and most of my early work was of the equine persuasion.

Fine Spotted Cutthroat Trout ©Jenn Cunningham

Fine Spotted Cutthroat Trout ©Jenn Cunningham

10. What advice do you have for other artists or people who want to get started selling their work?

Start small! ACEO’s are a wonderful way to test the waters and build your confidence…but lord know I am still learning this part!

11. What really big thing has happened in your artistic journey?

Really believing in myself and my abilities.  This is a new revelation for me – and I have only just begun to put my art out there and really let people SEE it.  For most of my life I only painted for myself and let my art pile up under my bed. There is something wonderfully freeing in selling art. It is some sort of validation of my visions of beauty!

Buckskin Filly ©Jenn Cunningham

Buckskin Filly ©Jenn Cunningham


Cindy’s Remarks:

THANK YOU to JENN CUNNINGHAM for allowing us to peek into her art world. We will certainly be re-visiting her in the future.

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