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1.      Please tell us, where are you from?

I’m from Turkey.

2.      When did you decide to become an artist?

I always wanted to be a designer and artist but when I told to my dad he replied me “do you want to starve?” – Yes, in Turkey, being artist or designer means that. He said to me to do a money making job and then do what ever I want. So if things don’t go well, I can still make money for my living, shortly, securing my future. I was always rebellious but I tended to like this. I became an engineer, when the university is over, then I retired!
Being an engineer is easy, if you don’t sleep at all because, you never have enough time to study more. This left me unpracticed for art as I had no time for it. I had only the passion for what I wanted to do. No education, no practice, nothing at all…

Books and Dreams ©Mai Nili

Books and Dreams
©Mai Nili

3.      What is your medium, andWhat subjects do you specialize in (animals, botanical art, portraits, etc)?

I mostly use watercolor but sometimes I mix with graphit or acrylic. 
My main subject is fantasy art; fairies, mermaids, whimsical and echanted landscapes.

4.      Are you drawn to certain colors more than others? If so, has that color changed or does it change in your art? (Do you find trends in different colors when your mood changes?)

When I first started to painting I use all colors but as I became more experienced I started to understand color theory and its effects on the mood of the art piece.

5.      What inspires you?

I had a psychotic illness called “borderline personality disorder” which makes my life difficult – and especially for people. But it had its own specialty as in a natural sense of chemistry; I see derivative flashbacks, in a non-real world environment within my mind. It’s like having seeing things in a fictional scene. Air has texture, feelings have colors. Everything has a symbol in my mind. It is more than necessity to illustrate if you see things like that. 
Sometimes a melody, a photo, and emotion, all in all everything J Once I inspired from Linda Ravenscroft’s art, Springtime Faerie, the fae was a baby but when I saw her, I thought what may she will look like when she grows, so I decided to paint a grown up spring faerie…

Crystal ©Mai Nili

©Mai Nili

6.      Are you self-taught?

Yes, I am.

7.      What artist do you think you emulate the most, has had the most effect on you? (and why?)

My favorite artist is Josephine Wall. So her effect on me may be seen.

8.      Do you take art workshops? What medium would you like to try?

No but I love to. I like to try acrylic.

9.      Where can we find your artwork?

You may find all my art and design at my website:

Hersey Bir Agacla Basladi ©Mai Nili

Hersey Bir Agacla Basladi ©Mai Nili

10.  What was the first thing you drew or painted?

I started to draw on 2006 with a fairy of Amy Brown. The first painting was a dryad with watercolor on 2009.

11.  What advice do you have for other artists or people who want to get started selling their work?

Just believe in you ! Work hard and never give up !
And read books about selling your art, I read dozens of books to learn how to sell, where to sell, how to promote my art and design. Search book websites with the “art marketing” books, get them and read them.

 What really big thing has happened in your artistic journey?

Every step I take is very special to me. Because art is very special. Everyday I get different experiment, and I love it.

Key Keeper ©Mai Nili

Key Keeper
©Mai Nili

  Do you think the daily painting movement has had a positive or negative affect on the artworld? Is the market saturated?

I am believer of bauhaus movement. So I don’t take art as a skill point thing. It is more about emotions… I like to see more art in the world, every artist is an another magical spirit – no mather how experienced he/she is. They are giving world a different thing. Just like giving birth to a baby…

 Do you think art can still affect politics and people, changing the way they think
 Do you think art can still influence people as much as in the past, when there are more artists than ever and posting on the internet?
YES ! for example Banksy… He has a great influence on people with his politic art… 
Actualy I don’t take an influence as a big thing, if you give any small piece of emotion to a one person, this is an influence…
 Do you think there will be another art revolution like artists in the Renaissance, and Picasso, and Monet, and Warhol?
Already had – street art. And I think there will be. Artistic minds are limitless, so there will be many surprises we will see.

My Precious Sleeping Fairy in a Hand ©Mai Nili

My Precious Sleeping Fairy in a Hand
©Mai Nili

 What piece of art had an emotional effect on you? (Made you angry, happy, sad)
Randsy Asplund’s Lost Soul painting has a big effect on me. It is my all time favorite art. I feel very complicated feelings when I look at it; I feel yearning but not sure what I yearn, I feel free and lost, I feel magical, and I feel lonely but this doesn’t makes me feel bad… Just love it J


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