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1. Please tell us, where are you from?

I currently reside near Boise, Idaho. USA

2. When did you decide to become an artist?

I have been drawing/ doodling for as long as I can remember, mostly to entertain myself when I was little. I started drawing consistently again a little over a year ago when my wife volunteered my “skills” to a business owner’s meeting to draw some old buildings in their neighborhood, along with other artist’s submissions that would be used on a banner to promote the business district. They loved my sketches and used them and also paid me real money!  I never dreamed anyone would ever pay for my sketches. In the process, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed drawing and how it brought some joy to myself and to others. It made me to realize I was wasting a gift/ talent that I hadn’t taken seriously. I felt a responsibility to myself to be the best “me” I can be, so I started a blog and forced myself to a weekly deadline and I have truly enjoyed the whole process.

The Gate ©Brad Young

The Gate
©Brad Young

3. What is your medium, and What subjects do you specialize in (animals, botanical art, portraits, etc)?

I use a regular ink pen, I used to use a G2 gel pen and got frustrated because I was always smudging the ink with my hand. I switched to a uniball vision because it’s waterproof so it’s great to watercolor with and it doesn’t smudge, a real relief of frustration. I will use either a 9 x 12 Canson watercolor pad which I prefer, or a mixed media notebook sometimes. And of course, watercolors to color and colored pencils to highlight with. As far as subjects, I’ll draw anything that captures my imagination, big or small. I do gravitate toward interesting buildings and landmarks that have character to them, or have special meaning to me.

4.  Are you drawn to certain colors more than others? If so, has that color changed or does it change in your art? (Do you find trends in different colors when your mood changes?)

I try to use the same colors I see in what I am sketching, but it seems like earth tones and natural elements are my favorite. Stone, metal, wood, trees, leaves, etc,…

5. What inspires you?

I’m inspired by creation and the things around me. Moments or times shared with my wife at various places or that are special to us or we had a special time there with others. On my blog, just about every picture I sketch has some connection with a special place, moment or event. There’s always a story.

Pike Place Gum Wall ©Brad Young

Pike Place Gum Wall ©Brad Young

6. Are you self-taught?

Absolutely. I wouldn’t blame this on anyone else! It’s very difficult for me to grasp and understand what another artist is trying to teach me verbally and try to incorporate that in my own understanding and grid for drawing. However, I would love to spend time with someone to glean from them different techniques and “see” how things are done to make it uniquely me. I watch many videos of sketchers to see how they draw.  I learn most effectively by observation. I often find I do things the hard way until I see how someone else does it.

7. What artist do you think you emulate the most, has had the most effect on you? (and why?)

I’m so new to this that I don’t really know enough artists that I would say I emulate yet, but I will say that I am effected by the other artist’s blogs I see and read. Often times after seeing a sketch, it makes me want to go draw something. I would hope I could sometime have that same effect on someone that they would want to go draw after seeing one of my pictures. I’ll also go on the Urban Sketcher’s site and just look at all the different styles and techniques and appreciate the time and years of practice the artists have invested in so that I can glean something. I totally enjoy the whole process of a sketch from seeing it in my mind to sketching it out in ink, then coloring it and watching it come together.

8. Do you take art workshops? What medium would you like to try?

I do not. I would like to, especially an urban sketcher’s workshop. I can’t say I would like to try another medium yet, I really enjoy the simplicity of my pen, pad and a travel watercolor kit.

9. Where can we find your artwork?

On Flickr:

Also, on chalkboards in coffee shops in the Boise area.

10. What was the first thing you drew or painted?

Market Street Antiques was the first building I sketched a little over a year ago.

Market Street Antiques ©Brad Young

Market Street Antiques ©Brad Young

11. What advice do you have for other artists or people who want to get started selling their work?

“I” would like advice on selling sketches. Ha! I’ve sold a few, to businesses and individuals but otherwise, I usually give away as gifts. I keep a digital copy of every picture so I have a nice portfolio.

12. What really big thing has happened in your artistic journey?

Getting a revelation that I have a talent and that I’m responsible with what I do with that talent. Even if it’s just for my enjoyment, I appreciate that part of my life that is uniquely me, and not taking it for granted.

13. Do you think the daily painting movement has had a positive or negative affect on the artworld? Is the market saturated?

I am in no way qualified to answer this one accurately, but from what I’ve observed, it’s always a good thing for us to have an outlet for our creativity. And like most things you will find the good, the bad and the ugly…those who are professional artists are not going to be affected by the majority of artists that are saturating the market. They’re so good at what they do, they separate themselves from the rest. Very few get to make a good living as an artist, and I think most are in it for the enjoyment. There are not just a few musical artists. Look at iTunes or any music store. Thousands of artists, and they’re all different and unique in style. People are drawn to all the different types of music and artists, and I believe it’s that way with art. There are superstars out there, but there a few folks that really like my art. I don’t think I’m a threat to the superstars.

Delma Ann ©Brad Young

Delma Ann ©Brad Young

14. Has the daily painting movement affected the way you work?

No. I will always dictate what I do with my art. When outside stuff starts dictating me and the time I spend, it will be time to evaluate why I do this. Because my livelihood is not dependent on my art it’s not a factor.

15. What artist do you think you emulate the most, has had the most effect on you? (and why?)

See #7.

16. Do you think the standard of art has dropped since the daily painting movement started?

Again, not being qualified to answer accurately, I would say it has, obviously. You just have to sift through more stuff before finding art that catches your eye at that level. Truly good artists will always keep pushing themselves to be better, no matter what the standards are.

17. Do you think art can still affect politics and people, changing the way they think?

I think so. We need people of excellence in all areas, not people of mediocrity. Commitment to excellence makes the whole community better and more enjoyable to be a part of. All things are possible.

Americano ©Brad Young

Americano ©Brad Young

18. Do you think art can still influence people as much as in the past, when there are more artists than ever and posting on the internet?

Well, speaking for myself, I am ONLY influenced by the artists I see on the internet. If not for the internet I would have no idea of what is going on in other parts of the world dealing with art. To me, I have museums from all over the world at my fingertips. And in my area of art, I wouldn’t even know where to look to see other urban artists’ work, except maybe those published in a book?

19. Do you think there will be another art revolution like artists in the Renaissance, and Picasso, and Monet, and Warhol?

Sure. Why couldn’t there be?

20. What piece of art had an emotional effect on you? (Made you angry, happy, sad)

(Don’t laugh, but realize I dreamed of being a cartoonist in the newspaper when I was younger.) So I would say that Gary Larson, artist of “The Far Side” just made me happy. I can still look at the same cartoons I’ve seen over and over and still chuckle.


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Thank you Brad Young for your interview. I always like to see a variety of artwork.

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