Do you ever feel… lost?

Hi Everyone,

Today has been a wasted day. Since my new job, I have been all over the place, physically and mentally. 

I feel disorientated and just lost.

I wanted to paint today but I have lost my ambition at the moment and can’t seem to find my motivation. I may just post the artist interviews until I get my MoJo back. 

So please send me those answered artist questionnaires! You will find the artist questionnaires tab at the top of this blog. If I get a lot of them from Artists, I may feature two per week. I would love to hear from you artists out there. 

Thank you for visiting.



Maybe I will feel different tomorrow, stay tuned 🙂


6 thoughts on “Do you ever feel… lost?

  1. Yes. The last couple of days I haven’t had the motivation even to do the things I like to do–including painting and quilting. I think for me, it is worrying about the holidays. I know I won’t be able to do everything that I want to do and it will get stressful. I feel paralyzed before it’s even begun. Really unfortunate to feel that way about my favorite time of year. Something’s got to change!


  2. I get that sometimes .. It used to really get to me , but now I am aware that it comes , and try to just let it pass…. it is always worse when i have loads of things to do ( in my head) I am sure ur mojo will return x


  3. hi cindy … I have nominated you for an award which celebrates the fact you have interesting posts that do not speak for the sake of speaking, and are a good balance . I hope you can accept . The details of the award are here .All you need to do if you accept is write 8 facts about yourself and nominate 8 blogs that you feel should have this award , and let them know . I hope you feel able to accept .


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