Featured Artists Interviews Page

Hi Everyone!

First, I have a PLEA to artists, if you are an artist, PLEASE contact me as I need more artists for interviews.


I have made a new page on my blog :


I can’t believe there are so many already! A BIG THANK YOU to the artists who have participated!

If you would like to have a feature on my blog, just go to the ARTIST INTERVIEW QUESTIONS and it provides all the information.

Thanks very much and THANK YOU to MARK KULAGA, the featured artist yesterday.


3 thoughts on “Featured Artists Interviews Page

  1. Hey Cindy. I would love to see your David stained glass painting up on the ART PARTY on the first page where you get the best exposure. Can I delete the picture that’s there so you can load it? If thtat’s too much for you to handle, just post it on todays blog. I really hope you can join us some days. You don’t have to paint a new painting, just post something that fits the theme. I think it’s going very well so far.


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