Hi everyone,

One of my goals for this year is to… disconnect.

Disconnecting is not a bad thing.  Here is my point:

A couple of months ago, I had to go to a meeting… for a week.  It was an hour to and from this meeting.

Everyone was complaining about not getting a “signal”, to get texts, to get phone calls, to get on the internet, to play “Candy Crush”.

When our lunch break came, everyone raced outside to try to get a few bars on their phones, to connect with the internet.

On the way home, it was an hour ride in the taxi. And the other people were happy they could finally get on Facebook.

We were close to Charlecote Park, a favorite place I like to visit.  So, we rounded the corner and I was keeping an eye out for what I knew was going to be spectacular, if I could just get a glimpse of it as we raced by on the highway.

Charlecote Park is owned by the National Trust.  It is the home to a grand manor house and a huge herd of deer.

So we came round the bend, and there they were, just waiting for ME! I say “ME” because the driver and I were the only ones who saw them, as the rest of the people in the taxi were on Facebook.

I am a person who likes to have a look at my surroundings, I appreciate what nature and this world has to offer.

My plea for you is to go outside and have a look at nature. Have a look at buildings, architecture, go to a park, turn off the phone, tablet, etc…

DISCONNECT… for even 30 minutes a day.

We are missing the important things in life.

Now get out there and tell me what you have discovered today 🙂





3 thoughts on “Disconnect

  1. This is one of my little things lately as well. I try to limit the use of electronic devices (phone/tablet/computer) to less than 2 hours a day. Most days this works, but when I’m feeling really bad I just seem to be attracted to it to feel connected.


  2. I think it’s also getting on the computer, spending hours on it, watching tv for hours… I am just trying to say, I want to get out and enjoy the world, and stop being a hermit or talking to people behind a keyboard. Get out and meet people. I mean, nowadays, we don’t even know our neighbors.


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