8 Key Elements Of A Perfect Blog Post That Gets Results

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The anatomy of a perfect blog post that gets hits - 8 key elementsI always say to my clients that Content is not enough! Why? Because it’s true – You can have a good piece of content but that isn’t enough. You need also dress it nicely; the presentation, the look or the packaging is crucial for success.

8 Key Elements of A Perfect Blog Post

If you think you have a good blog post/article but you don’t get views, well this is a common scenario. The reason why you don’t get results is simple – your blog post is boring! If you don’t package it in the way to make it engaging for you readers that you will fail.

Boring content - the anatomy of a perfect blog post that gets results

Here are my top elements that every blog post needs to have;

  1. Headline
  2. Introduction
  3. The main body
  4. Heading & Sub-headings
  5. Visuals
  6. Links to other sources
  7. Social Media Share Buttons
  8. Final Paragraphs

I’ve explored these elements in more detail on my latest blog post where…

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