Getting to Know You

I would like to get to know you, my readers.

If you would be so kind as to comment and tell me a bit about you, you can even leave a link to your site in the comments to promote your site 🙂

I’ll start…

My name is Cindy Williams. I was raised in Oklahoma, now I live in the UK.

I have many skills, but my favorite is being an artist.

My earliest recollection of wanting to be an artist was when I was five years old. I drew horses, and when I was in Kindergarten, all the kids would ask me to draw them stuff.

I remember when I was five, I declared “I am going to be and artist when I grow up.”

That calling never really manifested until 2009, in my “40’s”.

I went to an artist’s workshop and found out I could draw. Just a few little “tweaks” and it all clicked!

I am so happy it did!


I like classical music, listening to talk radio. I like to read and travel. I love to travel in England, there are so many treasures!

I like going to museums, checking out old churches, abbeys, cathedrals, and castles.

I like being a member of the National Trust, where I can go to stately homes and check out grand gardens.

I love cats, flowers, and birds. I LOVE VISITING WALES!!! Its one of my favorite places in the whole world!


I paint with pastels, watercolors, and acrylics.

My favorite things to paint are from the list above.

I also am an alternative therapist, and have diplomas in many modalities.

I like going to charity shops and try to find inexpensive treasures.



7 thoughts on “Getting to Know You

  1. I live in Australia and have recently been diagnosed with several chronic illnesses. Since becoming so ill that I’ve been unable to return to work in over 8 months I have been discovering my inner creative. I have been doing sewing projects and card making, and doing some painting/drawing and creative writing. I’m about to try and publish a picture book which can be used as part of an awareness raising campaign for invisible illnesses.


  2. Cindy,
    Never gave any thought to being an artist, just always seemed to be doodling something. Second grade, and that’s going back a long ways, is my earliest recollection and that was stick figures, lots and lots of stick figures. Civil war battles, cowboys and Indians, etc. Then came the dinosaurs. Just have always found myself drawing without any aspirations of being an artist.
    Over the years, several flurries of considering any serious artwork were interrupted by work, a family, and my own distractions.
    1995, I did a small drawing that changed everything. This flurry lasted four years and then paused again. In 2005, I had one of those “if I had any regrets” moments and art topped the very short list. Now on my own, I have not stopped since.
    First art show in 2008. All watercolor and Pen & Ink. A few more shows after that, and two years ago started to paint with oils.
    The most profound change occurred in May, 2013. Signing off on a space for a Feb. to April 2014 exhibit at Ukazoo Bookstore, Maryland, I had ten months before I hung the work. Several small incidents created an idea for a long term self promotion project. Hence the “Journey to Ukazoo”. From June 3rd, there were 37 weeks to Feb. 10th. I laid out a map and plotted 37 stops across the U.S. and back. Using past art images, I selected an image for each stop and treating it as a ’slide’ show, I had to make up a story for each image. So, I have been writing, for the first time, as well as painting, and working with oils has now been a mainstay.
    First using my Facebook community page, I started posting a ‘Stop/Image/Story every Monday evening. Next, I took the step in creating a Blog (all very new to me).
    Posting Story ‘35’ this Monday evening and I have had a wonderful time working this project through.
    For anyone who is interested in viewing any of the stories. The Blog address is:
    For anyone in the Maryland area interested in attending the Ukazoo Bookstore Art Exhibit, show information can be found on the Home page of my website:
    Email inquiries are:

    Thank you Cindy,


  3. Thanks Craig, I love your blog! I read some of the stories, it’s amazing how one creative skill (your art) compliments another (writing). You are a perfect example of the story telling theme and it makes for entertaining reading!

    I am going to add the address from your first blog post about the journey to Ukazoo, so people can start there.

    Craig L Haupt: Journey to Ukazoo:

    That’s great Craig, thanks so much for letting us know about your show and for the wonderful stories! 🙂


  4. Cindy,
    Thank you the comments and also for the various ways you have worked to share other artist’s works/stories. Glad to be a follower of your Blog.
    Thanks again, Craig


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