Website Re-model

Hey you lovely ones out there reading this blog! I want you to know how much I appreciate you!

I decided to do some re-vamping of my website, and also you readers who visit regularly will notice that I have changed my blog too.

If you have never visited my site, I am sharing a few photos, and if you click on them, they will magically transport you to my website.

Screenshot 2014-02-10 21.36.12 Screenshot 2014-02-10 21.42.29 Screenshot 2014-02-10 21.43.19 Screenshot 2014-02-10 21.44.15 Screenshot 2014-02-10 21.44.41

You can have a little snoop around if you like. I have been meaning to update the website, but just have never taken the time.

I thought this re-model job on the site would breathe some fresh air into it, I also added a link to my RedBubble store, where you can purchase prints and cards of my work. If you see any images on my site that you would like to buy as a print, yet are not on my RedBubble store, I can always add them and you can purchase cards, prints, posters, you can even create i-phone cases and i-pad cases.

Here are a few of my links:

My website:

My store:

My RedBubble store:

I hope you find something you like! Whilst you are there, could you please LIKE and SHARE? Thanks very much!

I appreciate you ALL 🙂




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