How Many Times Will I Start Over?

Hey Everyone,

A week, or maybe two (or three) ago, I got bored. And I was going to just give everything up. My artwork seemed to be flailing, I have no “drive”, I just wanted to quit. I thought I was doomed to be a dishwasher/kitchen assistant.  (Which I still am, but please keep reading…)  I used to be a hairdresser but got so burned out I quit. (LOADS of issues, so it was just easier to GET OUT).

Last year was so horrible, I had a horrible outlook… YES, I decided to do a painting challenge, BUT I was absolutely SHOCKED that I finished, because of the state of mind I was in.

So I decided to change my website around, and change this blog around. I thought it would breathe a breath of fresh air into the way I was feeling, helping me to get over this funk.

To tell you the truth, I was still thinking about just giving it all up. Deleting this blog, my website, my Facebook fan page… YEP just give it all up.  I DID do a little “Real-life” marketing, actually sent some things in the post to try to get some feedback. (And thank you to those who helped me).

I felt like I was fooling myself. I thought if I tried new things, it would give me inspiration to keep trying.  But INSIDE, I didn’t feel any different.  I felt like “What’s the point?” “Nobody is interested”.  I painted my paintings, put them as cheap as I could and still try to cover mailing cost, materials, etc…

Well, I decided to try AGAIN.  I kept listening to Carol Marine and talk about DPW ( . I see a lot of artists that I follow, posting on that site. I didn’t know if it would be worth trying, but I FINALLY decided after several months or maybe a year (or two?)   to try DPW.

Imagine… the first of the year, one of my resolutions was to be better at being grateful (because I am not very positive). I say my “thank-yous ” and go over my gratitude list every day. Sometimes I slide on that, because I am not the best person at doing so. I get up in the morning, get dressed, and get other things done. The GRATITUDE  is hard, because when I first get up in the morning, I have all the junk in my head from the day before, etc… But I started writing what I am grateful for.  And ideas started popping up.

So NOW… I have a few ideas and “works ” to work on in the future.  NOW the problem is… to FOCUS on what I really want to happen.

(and one of those things is to quite my job as being a minimum wage pot washer)…. I suppose it isn’t all that bad, but when you are in the “Throes of darkness” then it seems like it’s a big deal.

NOW my big plan is… get out of the “Throes of Darkness”!

Be positive! Be LUCKY!

I am still working on this, and I believe it is WORKING but I have a ways to go yet.  When I make a list of my goals and then start daydreaming on paper, it makes me feel happy. Because I can start visualizing good things happening, when I am making my list.

So, back to DPW… I decided to try it because I hear good things about it.

AND … Back to me changing things in my life…

CLICK HERE for my DPW Gallery, with AUCTION:…

This is one of the auctions I have at the moment. too:

Hanbury Hall Gazebo

Hanbury Hall Gazebo
Original Watercolor Painting
©Cindy Williams

This painting is one of my “National Trust” series.

And yes… I even started over with the price.

I post the paintings on this blog mostly when I finish painting them, so you may have seen it before.

My mission IS to be happier and more positive!  I am happy to have found friends on the internet, and I visit their sites to see what they are up to. It makes me a bit happier. (and it helps to cheer them on).

I just wanted to share with you a good thing that happened to me. After a crappy year last year, I did decide this year to be more lucky. I was sick of the junk in my life. I decided to wake up and say “I am lucky” “Lucky things happen to me” “Today, I expect lucky things to happen to me for the highest good”… and I am not joking… I went to work that day, and someone asked me if I wanted to stay in their house by the seaside because they are going on holiday. I couldn’t believe it! It really worked!

OK, it’s question time…

What are YOU tired of?

Do you want to make changes in your life, and if so, how? Is it time for you to “START OVER”?

My changes have been made at the moment, but you never know… in a few weeks, or months, I may just start over.

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you all! 🙂




7 thoughts on “How Many Times Will I Start Over?

  1. Hang in there, Cindy! I can relate to much of what you are saying. Congratulations on your DPW site. I have thought about it myself. Hope it is successful. I do appreciate all the wonderful people like you I have met through my blog and the painting challenges. When we count “success” it’s got to be about a lot more than making money (though that would be nice). I think maybe I am too impatient and need to remind myself that there are very few “over-night” successes.


  2. Lovely blog Cindy. I’m glad youre hanging in there and trying DPW. Keep your prices low and you should do well. Expect to cover your expenses, and if you do more than that, it’s a bonus. Hugs


  3. Your personality on your blog seems so very out-going and encouraging, so it is interesting that you feel the way you do, but I think we all have those down times. I have a really hard time painting when I feel that way. Focusing on the good and positive things is really important. Sometimes I just have to let the blahs run their course, and then things look better again. Congratulations on your DPW site. I love seeing those recent paintings together like that. It looks great.


  4. Thank you Karin! We have taken a well-deserved holiday this week, by the seaside.

    Today we visited an Abbey and another National Trust property (you can check my Tweets in the Twitter widget on the sidebar of this blog). 🙂

    There are some great quirky cottages in this part, and tomorrow Im out with my camera.

    So Im on a hiatus for a few days but still trying to answer comments 🙂

    Thanks Karin, your compliments and comments (as well as everyone else) give me encouragement


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