Lucky IS as Lucky Does

Hey everyone!

Today, I just want to tell you about what a change of mindset can do, and cause you to be LUCKY.

At the first of the year, (I already told you in another blog post the other day) , I decided to be positive. I was sick of things going wrong, etc.

And, REALLY, I don’t know if they are getting better, or am I just changing my attitude?

BUT some weird and LUCKY things have happened to me.

In January I decided I am going to be lucky. And the one morning, I remember it was a Friday, I woke and said in the mirror “I am LUCKY, and lucky things happen to me. This is going to be a lucky day.” (half believing, half not).

And that day, I was offered a free holiday! And we just returned from it this week (Sunday).

Check this out!…

Cindy at Lyme Regis

Cindy at Lyme Regis

Sidmouth Beach ©Cindy Williams

Sidmouth Beach ©Cindy Williams

I decided to take some advice from my hubby, Kez, as he is one of the LUCKIEST people I know! Just look at the village we stumbled upon!..

Kez at Beer

Kez at Beer

A village called BEER!

So… in keeping with the LUCKY THEME… I wanted to see the Norman Lockyer Observatory.

They are only open to the public on certain days of the month… usually about twice per month.

Where we stayed was just at the bottom of the hill of the Norman Lockyer Observatory! I could hardly believe it! (It is a really large hill though).

And the night we wanted to go was on my birthday. We drove to the observatory but they were closed. But luckily, they had a brochure, and GUESS WHAT?! They were open the night of my birthday! SO… we went and the theme was “Springtime Galaxies”. However, it was storming and we were not able to use the magnificent humongous telescopes. BUT we had a good night anyway, we went to their planetarium. And the story was interesting. It made me want to be an astrophysicist, or even an astronomer! It’s so amazing, you just wouldn’t know where to start. Where DO you start looking in the universe? There are BILLIONS of Galaxies!!! I learned that at the observatory 🙂

Norman Lockyer Observatory ©Cindy Williams

Norman Lockyer Observatory ©Cindy Williams

Norman Lockyer Observatory ©Cindy Williams

Norman Lockyer Observatory ©Cindy Williams

The observatory is run by volunteers. I was really impressed by the knowledge and how the place is run. The ones who gave us tours were real astronomers and scientists. It was so interesting, I highly recommend it. It is also featured on BBC Stargazing LIVE.

Here is one last look at our free holiday… (Lyme Regis, this was just down the road from where we stayed in Sidmouth)

Lyme Regis ©Cindy Williams

Lyme Regis ©Cindy Williams

SO……. This all leads up to the LATEST LUCKY THING that has happened to me…

As you know we are members of the National Trust.

We are lucky to just live about 5 miles from the Majestic COUGHTON COURT.  As you also know, one of my favorite places is Charlecote Park. I was on Twitter and tweeted them about being a volunteer there.  They tweeted back and told me how to apply.

Well, I found out that Coughton Court needed volunteers. So I emailed and applied and guess what? I go to a meeting session in two weeks! And LUCKILY I am off on holiday then, so I am able to attend 2 meetings, the first to find out where I am going to be a volunteer, and the next to go to induction!

We visited Coughton Court last year.

Coughton Court (back) ©Cindy Williams

Coughton Court (back) ©Cindy Williams

This pic is the back of Coughton Court. It is lovely. I didn’t get great pics then because it was raining.

But I am planning on going next week, as they are open then, and I am going to have a good look around (again) and get my bearings and see how the guides work and what they focus on, etc. I CANNOT WAIT! When I find out more, I will definitely keep you posted on what is going on!

They say there are almost 100,000 visitors a year that go through there ( I think the number was like 98,000 or something)…

I am wondering… what are the visitors going to think when they hear an OKIE twang from this girl from Oklahoma, in the Heart of England? Hmmm…. It will be interesting. You would think after 10 years of living here, I would pick up the accent, but sadly, NO. Even though my hubby has a Birmingham accent (think of OZZIE OSBOURNE)… ok, well he isnt THAT bad 🙂

So there you go… these are SOME lucky things that have happened to me.

The moral of this story is… when you start being POSITIVE (because there are times that NOBODY is more negative than me) good things start happening. And LUCKY things start happening. I haven’t figured out yet how to be lucky enough to win millions in the lottery yet, but I am working on it.


I am thankful for my children and my little grandchildren, and my hubby. And all the blessings bestowed upon me.

You can be lucky too, every day get up, thank the Universe for everything that you are grateful for, and say “this is going to be a lucky day”.

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