Original Pastel Painting ©Cindy Williams

My latest Painting:

Special Little One


Original Pastel Painting

©Cindy Williams

Special Little One ©Cindy Williams

Special Little One
©Cindy Williams


It has been almost a month since I have done a painting. You certainly get out of practice when you don’t paint for a while, and I know that I am out of practice.

I hope to be a bit more committed to painting in May, the only thing is, outside circumstances sometimes hinder me from moving on, and I am going to make it a goal to paint at least once per week in May. (I hope to).

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4 thoughts on “Original Pastel Painting ©Cindy Williams

  1. Oh…did you get my last email? I think I’m confused as to whether you were going to post or I was??? I have been busy moving my mom here, since my step-dad passed away, so I haven’t been keeping up as I would like to…


  2. Yes thank you Karin. We get caught up in circumstances, its hard to get things done. I havent been able to post a lot. But hopefully get back to normal soon 🙂


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