Artists: Opportunity is Knocking, Are You Home?

Well, this month has been a blur (as well as the past few months).

There are only a few spots left for artist features and THE DOOR WILL BE CLOSED after November 30th. No More opportunities!

I have started asking artists in September and some jumped right on the wagon! Some artists emails are still trickling in, but this is the 26 November now.

Are YOU going to have a feature in January? It is FREE  exposure for you and your art, don’t pass it up.

Free exposure means you could have new prospects coming to your site and seeing your artwork, and possibly making a sale or getting new followers. You NEVER KNOW who is watching you, it could be your ideal collector. Don’t miss another free chance to get your art out there and in front of the world.

Only 4 spots left. Only 4 days left.

Blast from the Past ©Cindy Williams

Blast from the Past
Original Pastel Painting
©Cindy Williams


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