A Great New Discovery!

I found a great new discovery called REBELMOUSE.

You HAVE to try it, it is SO COOL!

CHECK OUT MY REBELMOUSE PAGE HERE. I have added a tab in my header menu called “Cindy’s Art One Stop Social Media” and it is my link to my RebelMouse page.

Anything that you tweet, blog, post, etc… then you can update it with REBELMOUSE and add more content.

Here is a video about how to use Rebelmouse: (and there are several more on YouTube, just search for RebelMouse)

RebelMouse pulls in all of your platforms, yet you can edit the content long after the content has been posted. Pretty cool, HUH?

Please share your RebelMouse pages in the comments on this post, I would love to see all of your front pages for all of your content! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this post!