Artists – Find More Buyers By Participating In More Artist Interviews

I agree! You get more traffic when you do an interview! I am hosting 30 artist interviews in January, so stay tuned 🙂

The Life Arts Institute

buyerMany artists are finding the Internet to be a wonderful opportunity to gain massive exposure for their artwork. There are tons of ways to promote yourself including social bookmarking, community sites, blogging, and more. The one promotional tool that many artists miss is participating in the Artist Interview.

With limitless blogs now online and many dedicated to the arts, getting an artist interview is relatively easy. Generally speaking artists that submit to be considered for an artist interview will receive an interview sheet to fill out. It might ask questions about their art career or even a little about their personal lives. The features are usually linked back to the artists website where buyers and interested parties can learn more.

How do Artist Interviews promote artists? The most obvious is that it puts your artwork in front of more people. Every blog and website has their own audience and you…

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